Best E-Learning Pendrive for Class 6 – 10th

Intelliapp is a smart educational E-Learning Pendrive  which provides your education at home and facilitates interactive learning platform. It covers CBSE and other state class 6th to 10th .

It also provides curriculum mapped multimedia content which student can explore at their own pace at available time. This class teacher learning system, self-paced and enjoyable experience makes learning fun and enjoyable for the students.

Intelliapp is a smart E-Learning pendrive with many unique features:

  1.  It’s a plug and play learning device which can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
  2. Once installed with the help of the internet it will work offline then.
  3. Intelliapp’s clouds functionality connects teacher and student.
  4. This educational pendrive has 16 GB memory along with content protection.
  5. It’s interactive learning platform helps student to engage more and explore the multimedia content at the comfort of their home.

The offering provided by this smart Educational Pen Drives for the students are:

  1. The doubt clearing assessments and quizzes.
  2. Chapter-wise pre loaded assessment for both Objective and Subjective.
  3. Clear and better understanding of the concepts.
  4. Easy Revision of the concepts, assessment etc.
  5. Student can receive assessments, content from teachers at the comfort of their home.
  6. Student self-analysis and evaluation according to their performance and learning.

The offering provided by this smart Educational Pen Drives for the teachers are:

  1. Creation of assessments with an ease.
  2. Hassle-free sharing of assessments & Content.
  3. Analysis of results also smooth and easy sending of reports.
  4. 100000+ question bank and ready-made assessments which teacher can share with their students.

This smart educational pendrive also helps management to track performance report as well as enables parents to monitor performance of their kids with an ease.

Thus, Intelliapp unique feature makes it the best home-learning program on your laptop or desktop and one of the best e-learning solutions for students.

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