Role of Digital Classrooms Component In Today’s Education | DS Digital

Destination Success is a smartly designed digital classrooms board for smart generation of today’s era. This smartboard is developed with an in-depth understanding of the needs of today’s generation. The K-12 content is designed to understand and meet the dynamic needs of student and teachers. The multimedia-mapped content provides enriched learning & teaching environments which provides digital and print materials, student tracking report generating facilities etc.

This Digital board provides a complete digitized platform which covers:
• Guided Instructions
• Differentiate Learning
• Assessments
• Performance Monitoring
• Game-Based Learning
It is specifically designed to support each individual need of any grade and generates an interesting multimedia environment where new concepts and skills are presented in a systematic manner which allows students to connect ideas and thoughts.
Destination Success Digital Board provides enriched learning features that provide:
• Graphics Rich Content
• Engaging Interactive Program
• Flexible Navigation
• Animations & Interactivities

Digital Board Advantages :

Destination Success is an innovative learning solution which provides interactive learning tools, supporting material and imparts instruction which is the combine integration of knowledge and provides an effective learning experience along with various advantages like:
•Interactive Assessments where various Quizzes for EVS, Science, Maths & Social Studies covers more than 15000 multiple choice questions.

•Chapter Assessments in which chapter covers questions on key concepts along with a huge repository of assignment worksheets which helps students to practice and teachers to keep a check on students progress.

•Question Bank from (class 1-12) where teacher can create worksheets, question papers and interactive assessments. This wide array of question includes long questions, short questions.
Destination Success knowledge portal uses the latest and easy-to-use technological framework for an enriching learning experience. The elements of digital classrooms and its latest technology for teachers and student provides simplified value based and comprehensive explanation.

•Repository of Print material which includes classroom activities, take away home activities also review sheets which can be easily printed and distributed to students for classwork and homework.
•Lesson Plans which enables teachers to structure meaningful and successful class activities.

Digital Board benefits to Students:

•Easy & Clear understanding of concepts where familiar narratives and situations along-with examples are given where student can learn through practice.

•Active Students Engagement along-with collaborative learning
Where multiple interactivities of different types in each lesson are mentioned which students can explore, create and can present creative ideas as active participants.

•Different Simulating Exercises & Engaging Contents which is rich in animations, visuals, game-based differentiated level based-activities makes an interesting platform for learning.

•Setting up Benchmarks and Motivation with graded activities, questions along-with immediate feedback and ‘show me’ sections which is for practice and application which suits learner. These things motivate students for higher learning.

Benefits provided to teachers:

•Engaging students through interactive materials which increases students interaction, participation and feedback on different activities. Game-based learning engage the learners while student play with them.

•Effective Presentation of content for each lesson which is designed in a structured manner with an introduction, examples, explanation, practice and assessments.

•Ability to Customize a wide spectrum of tools (digital & print) for group work and individual self paced tasks.

•Ease-of-use for easy navigation across the program which allows the teacher to select a specific sections for multiple purposes such as concept, practice, presentation & assessment.

Bottom of the line is that digital education is the need of today’s generation and to make it simplified, interactive, better understanding and user friendly Destination Success comes into picture which provides one of the best digital classroom board solution.


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