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GO ERP is a school management software designed keeping in mind various academic and administrative needs of the school. Before putting the process and its elements in order, GO ERP takes a detailed look on the existing infrastructure so that a meaningful setting can be achieved. GO ERP is a modern day resource planning infrastructure that reduces burden on the system and makes it efficient by enhancing the experience of all the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem.
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GO ERP identifies key process of the school holistically and offers modules for smooth integration and implementation of the processes.

It ensures the simplification of the processes and higher efficiencies in terms of time spent, expenses incurred and enriching experiences for the stakeholders.

GO ERP has a predefined modules which caters majority needs of the schools and is customizable enough to incorporate the dynamic changes.


  • Customizable solution
  • Set of predefined modules
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Separate User Logins
  • Easy Navigation
  • Data security


Student Management:

  • Maintain Student Information, Grades and Reports

Staff Management:

  • Track Staff Service Information, Personal Details and generate reports

Student Attendance:

  • Monitor students presence and absence, Leave Register, Daily/Monthly reports etc.

Staff Attendance:

  • Record the check in and check out of the staff coming to school, absentees reports


  • Create timetable automatically with different patterns in school

Fee Management:

  • Define the fee structure for different grades and class groups for collection of fees as per structure defined.

Online Payment:

  • Seamless integration of payment gateways for online collection of fees

Transportation Module:

  • Maintain and track schools vehicle information like buses etc.


  • Schedule and track exam table, Create scorecard and publish students exams report


  • Monitor students presence and absence, Leave Register, Daily/Monthly reports etc.

Staff Attendance:

  • Easy Maintenance of Resource, Documents, Journals and membership details


  • Create and send SMS informing all stakeholders about day to day school programme

Digital Notice Board:

  • Publish all the relevant and important information at single platform at ease

Inventory/Asset Management:

  • Add and track inventory/Assets of school from IT Peripherals to furniture.

  • Easy to use
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Customizable as per needs
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of stakeholders
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Manageable and secured repository of school database

  • Management Login

  • Principal Login

  • Administrator Login

  • Teacher Login

  • Parent Login



  • Indian High School is known for its forward looking educational ideas. We take pride in incorporating the latest teaching strategies and resources to enhance the teaching and learning in the school. We believe that technology is a critical requirement in schools today. In a step in this direction, we have implemented the DS Digital solution, Destination Success, in the Primary and Middle Schools with a combined student strength of 7,000.
    We are in the nascent stage of the implementation of this solution but already our students and teachers have begun to appreciate its value to engage students and help with a better understanding of concepts. The regular training by the company has helped teachers learn how to blend it with the school syllabus and textbooks for a rich learning experience.

    Mr. Ashok Kumar, CEO , Indian High School, Dubai
  • Technology can open new doors to learning and shuld be an integral part of classroom. It not only adds fun to learning but brings engagement in children’s learning process. The challenge for development of skills is well handled by interactive software.
    The technology based DS Digital educational programme, Destination Success, has enriched our teaching learning process. It has helped teachers save precious time and made their teaching efficient and exciting; the students have liked the clear explanation and interactivities in each lesson, giving them a sense of active participation in the classes.

    Ms. Vandana Puri, Principal, Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar, Delhi
  • “Genesis Global School seeks to develop students who are critical thinkers, confident and disciplined. Our curriculum includes progressive resources and methodologies for this purpose. Technology in education is a critical development and adhering to the global standards that GGS is committed to, the “e-learning system” has been incorporated as an integral part of the school’s learning program. Destination Success has helped our teachers and students enormously – it has helped to make the lessons more interactive and learning focused rather than mere syllabus coverage. The increased student participation has raised student motivation and interest in learning. The teachers have learned varied teaching strategies and more effective ways of teaching to students who have different learning needs”.

    Mr. Pramod Sharma, Principal, Genesis Global School, Noida
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